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Meet Aevin Dugas woman with the world’s biggest natural afro hair .

With a cloud of natural hair that stands four feet tall, Aevin Dugas holds the Guinness World Records title of the world’s largest afro, inspiring women around the globe to ditch relaxers for good.

The 38-year-old New Orleans native traded in her straight tresses for a big, pillowy soft ‘do 14 years ago, a hairstyle she says was inspired by her mother’s 60s ‘fro. As expected, maintenance for the afro that spills over into her face requires lots of time and patience. “It would take a day and a half to dry,” the now hometown hero says. “Almost two days.” 

But even putting a little more elbow work into her hair routine isn’t running her back to creamy crack. “At one time I strived to get hair that was bone straight and now all I want is it big and poofy.”


Meet 4-Year-Old Boy Who Saved Mum’s Life After She Slipped into a Diabetic Coma



Four-year-old Detroit resident Aiden Mitchell (pictured right) is being heralded for helping to save his mom’s life when she slipped into a diabetic coma Saturday morning, according to MyFox Detroit.At around 9:30 a.m., Mitchell’s unidentified uncle began calling the boy’s home to speak with his mom,Angela. Mitchell told his uncle she was sleeping, but he kept calling anyway, hoping she’d wake up. But each time he telephoned, Mitchell would inform him that his mom was still asleep.

Feeling uneasy over why Angela would sleep so long, the uncle decided to pay his sister a visit. When the uncle approached the home and rang the doorbell, luckily, Mitchell was able to unlock the door to let him in.

Angela, who appeared to be sleeping, was in fact breathing but could not be revived. The uncle called an ambulance and Angela was rushed to a nearby hospital. According to doctors, just a mere thirty minutes more and Angela’s fate would have been tragic.

Meanwhile the pint-sized life-saver knows he helped to save his mom’s life. He enthusiastically looked in to a television camera and said, “I’m a hero!”

10,000-Year-Old Building Discovered Outside Jerusalem


Multiple ancient artifacts, evidence of a “cultic” temple and the remains of what appears to be a rare, 10,000-year-old structure have been unearthed at an important dig site outside Jerusalem.

Archaeologists working for the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) announced the discoveries this week. The items were found in an area of the Judean Shephelah region undergoing excavation in advance of a planned highway expansion, according to a statement from the IAA.

The discoveries are expected to be valuable for researchers who are investigating the way society developed in the area over a transitional period spanning several thousand years.

“We can clearly see that in the Early Bronze Age, 5,000 years ago, the rural society made the transition to an urban society,” IAA excavation co-director Dr. Amir Golani said in the statement. “It is fascinating to see how in such an ancient period a planned settlement was established in which there is orderly construction, and trace the development of the society which became increasingly hierarchical.”

The 10,000-year-old building excited researchers because of its age and indications it was important enough to undergo several renovations.

“This is the first time that such an ancient structure has been discovered in the Judean Shephelah,” IAA archaeologists said in a joint statement. “It should be emphasized that whoever built the house did something that was totally innovative because up until this period man migrated from place to place in search of food. Here we have evidence of man’s transition to permanent dwellings and that in fact is the beginning of the domestication of animals and plants; instead of searching out wild sheep, ancient man started raising them near the house.”

Multiple axes were also found near the house, some of which were probably tools and others that appeared to be used for ceremonial or cultic purposes. A 6,000-year-old “standing stone,” or carved stone pillar, also “alludes to the presence of a cultic temple at the site,” according to the statement.

This standing stone and the axes are the latest artifacts found recently in Israel that show thousands of years ago, inhabitants of of the modern-day state worshiped multiple deities. In fact, throughout the past several years, archaeologists have found multiple examples of cultic shrines and artifacts, including a store of statues unearthed north of Jerusalem, Haaretz reports.

Of course, Israel has long been a hot spot for archaeologists, Live Science notes. The area where the structures and artifacts were found has proven a goldmine of sorts for researchers in the past. This July, for example, researchers came across several large buildings from the 10th century B.C. that some experts have suggested may have belonged to the biblical ruler King David.

IMAGINE !!!! What a Responsible lady !


Well this is one of those times you ask the question what this lady was thinking before stepping out of her house in this kind of dress.

The lady below was spotted on a red carpet revealing practically all her body in this black transparent outfit and left little or nothing to her viewer s imagination .

Why Is This Girl Tempting Somebody?

Just imagine what ASUU strike is causing. The dude is looking for news update everywhere… Lolz!

New twist in Anambra Election saga: Ekwunife asks court to declare her APGA candidate


There is a new twist in the controversial Anambra State governorship election whose outcome remains inconclusive and a supplementary poll is planned for November 30. One of the aspirants for the ticket of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) Hon. Uche Ekwunife is asking that the court declare her the authentic candidate of the party.

Ekwunife is the runner- up to Mr. Willie Obiano at the APGA governorship primary, having scored the second highest votes.
In a suit filed at the Federal High Court, Awka, Anambra State capital, Hon Ekwunife, a member of the House of Representatives,  prayed the court to declare her as the rightful candidate for APGA in the November 16, 2013 governorship election. In her suit which has Mr. Willy Obiano, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and APGA, as the first, second and third defendants respectively, Ekwunife is urging the court to disqualify Obiano as the candidate of APGA, by virtue of his alleged multiple registration in Lagos and Anambra states.
In the originating summons filed by her counsel, Chief Ugo Ugwunnadi, she argued: “By virtue of the multiple registration, which is a serious electoral offence and by the combined effect of Sections 9 (1), (2), (3), 2, 3, 12 (1), (2) and 24 (1)(e) of the 2010 Electoral Act of Nigeria, as amended, and Section 178 (5) of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, as amended, Mr. Obiano is not a registered voter qualified to vote and be voted for in Anambra State and therefore, he cannot contest an election in a state, where he is not a legally and validly registered voter.”
In her supporting affidavit to the originating summons, the federal lawmaker alleged: “Mr. Obiano was assigned with three different VIN numbers, by virtue of the multiple registration as follows – (1) 90F5 B12B 0129 6204 172, (2) 90F5 B15E 7D37 8200 332, and (3) 90F5 B12B 8837 7091 121 respectively, annexed as Exhibits UE2, UE3 and UE4. All these appeared in three different Voters’ Register.”
Consequent upon this, Ekwunife is also asking the court for an order directing APGA to substitute the name of Obiano with hers and for INEC to deal with her as the rightful candidate of APGA and moreso, for the fact that elections were contested, lost and won by political parties and not individuals.

Source: Sun News

Meet the hottest celebrity single moms, AND their Children (Photos)



Juggling family and career can be pretty difficult especially when you are a single parent. Being a single mom is hard, may be harder if you’re a celebrity, trying to maintain a stable family life because you’re constantly in the limelight.


Here’s NET‘s list of celebrity single mums who still make men drool…



Bisi Ibidapo Obe with her daughter


Bisi Ibidapo Obe


Following the paternity controversy involving her and a former law maker, Dino Melaye, the pretty actress has since joined the single moms league. With the paternity yet to be decided, she now takes full responsibility of her eight-month old daughter who was christened Destiny Oluwajomiloju Dino-Melayecouple. Here’s what she says ‘I am savouring  all that motherhood has brought my way’



Daniel Ademinokan , Doris Simeon with there child when the going was good. Photo: theneighbourhood.


Doris Simeon


A look at this sexy actress, one begins to wonder, why would a man leave such a pretty woman. Doris Simeon who was married to movie director, Daniel Ademinokan is now a single parent nursing the relationship’s five-year old son alone. Well, she doesn’t seem to be worried about the break up as she explains; ‘My son is also a man. He is my boyfriend now.’



Genevieve Nnaji, Daughter and family during a thanksgiving


Genevieve Nnaji


She’s hot…I mean smoking hot and unarguably one of the most celebrated actresses in Africa with her being the face of so many brands. For years, Genevieve Nnaji has managed to conceal the identity of her daughter, a child she had when she was just a teenager in secondary school. Genny’s daughter, now 17 years old has grown into a beautiful young lady whom she often describes as her ‘best friend and companion’.



Ibinabo Fiberesima and Daughter. Photo: Onobello


Ibinabo Fiberesima


Former beauty queen and actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima has indeed enjoyed a romance with quite a few men, prominent among which are Philip Trimnel and  fellow actor, Fred Amata for whom she has a 5 year old daughter. Although very unsuccessful with trapping men down, the President of the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria(AGN) seems not to regret being single, ‘Now that I am very independent, I don’t want any man that will come and give me headache. That is the problem’.



Iyabo Ojo with her children. Photo: mjemagazine


Iyabo Ojo


Although severally linked to a few men, the actress who has a fetish for tattoos has been single for a very long time. 35-year-old Iyabo Ojo got married in 1999 as a result of being pregnant from a six-month relationship. Although the marriage packed up, Iyabo is glad she can count her blessings with her kids; Festus, 14 and Priscilla, 12. She says, ‘Even though I felt disappointed that I got married at a young age and did not get to study the man I got married to and whose name I bear now, I still profited from it by having two wonderful kids. It is more than any other thing in life.’



Kate Henshaw


For a 42-year-old woman, Kate Henshaw is definitely hot! One often wonders how she manages to keep that slim and youthful body regardless of her age. Recently divorced from her French husband, Roderick James Nuttal, while it lasted, the 12-year old marriage produced a daughter, Ella, currently in Kate’s custody.



Liz Anjorin


Perhaps one of the sexiest Yoruba actresses, Liz Anjorin charms on and off the red carpet. The mother of one has definitely got the sex appeal and enjoys the admiration of many of her male fans but may be single for a while longer as she says, ‘I will not lie. I cannot marry ‘e go better‘.







Don’t even bother asking her who the father of her daughter is, because that’s a secret she is planning to hold on to for a long time. ‘My daughter, her father (who is single and yummy btw) and I are fine’, that’s the most she has ever said about her mystery man.



Toyin Lawani and her daughter. Photo Instagram


Toyin Lawani


In recent times, the CEO of Tiannah Styling, Toyin Lawani has been all up in our face for her excellent repertoire as a celebrity stylist. No doubt the 31-year-old light-skinned lady is simply attractive, so much that many do not even know that she has a 9 year old daughter, Lilat, from a previous relationship. Lawani is now enjoying the last days of her singlehood as she would hopefully be getting married to her 21-year old boyfriend, Triggakess before long



Yvonne Nwosu and her daughter when she was young. Photo: chizys-spyware


Yvonne Nwosu


She made our list of sexiest entertainers, and you know she has to be on this list too. Her fashion sense is impeccable as the fashionista and fashion designer always gets it right. Yvonne has a 10-year old daughter who lives with her father in the UK. ‘Being a mother is the best thing that has happened to me. It has made me really calm and focused, knowing that I have to work towards something’, Yvonne says.

SHOCKER !!!!!! Iyanya humilated at Davido’s Birthday Party In Lagos

For someone like Iyanya to be chased away by Davido’s bouncers from the entrance gate of his birthday party at the Pavada Lounge, is to the say the least very unfortunate. Although many regular people who did not have an invitation card were also prevented from entering but Iyanya should be an exception.

It’s things like this that cause beefing in the entertainment industry. I hear Iyanya even tried to call Davido and his guys to let them know that he was at the gate, but they didn’t take his call…

After several failed efforts to convince the fierce-looking bouncers that Iyanya is not just any other person but also a big player in the music industry, those around gave up and Iyanya had to walk back to his car in shame and he regretted ever leaving his house to go to Davido’s birthday party venue.

Some people are saying it is a “deliberate act” to insult Iyanya. Whatever, I hope Davido apologizes to him.

‘I didn’t Pose Nude for KING’S Magazine’ – Nicki Minaj (SEE REAL PHOTO)

Nicki Minaj



 See real photos here…









Zulu Girls


Zulu Girls

The Royal Reed Dance or better still know in the Zulu dialect as the Umkhosi woMhlanga is a popular festival ceremony for the Zulus in the Republic of South Africa, Swaziland and the Zulu people living in other parts of the southern Africa regions.

The interesting but very controversial festival comes of every year around mid-September and the festival attracts some 25,000 tourists across the globe to the Enyokeni Royal Palace in Nongoma which is located in the KwaZulu-Natal province in the northeastern part of the Republic of South Africa.

Nongoma is some 300 km north of the judicial capital Durban and also serves as the seat of the Nongoma Local Municipality in the province. Click the below link to view more photos…

The festival was thought to have developed in the 1940s and 50s from the Umcwasho where young girls were placed in age regiments to ensure that their virginity is intact before they marry while some say the festival serves an opportunity for the Zulu king to choose a new wife from the many virgins who take part of the ceremony. But all these assertions about the genesis and purposes of the festival have not been verify and stand to be corrected.

As part of Swazi custom, King Mswati II, 45, is permitted to choose a new bride every year

Before the festival begins each year in South Africa, girls come from all parts of the Zululand including Swaziland, Botswana and Pondoland. Pondoland is a natural region on the South African shores of the Indian Ocean. It is located in the coastal belt of the Eastern Cape province

Swaziland also celebrates its version of the festival but the major one is celebrated in the Enyokeni Royal Palace, Nongoma, in the Republic of South Africa.

All the girls who come to the Enyokeni Royal Palace and want to participate in the ceremony are required by tradition to undergo a virginity test before they are allowed to participate in the royal dance. This is where the controversy surrounding the festival begins.

The first controversy has to do with how real virgins will be identified by the person who is suppose to test for the girls’ virginity coupled with protest from some clan heads of the Zulu tribe, claiming that that the virginity test tends to drive young girls from participating in the festival making it somehow problematic but notwithstanding on this, the virgin girls are selected for the festival.

Swaziland Girls

The person to initiate the virgins is into the festival is the old Princess of the Zulu king, and she plays the lead role in the ceremony. The principal role of the princess is to teach the virgins how to behave when they start to date men, how to choose good husbands and how to treat their husbands when eventually they get married to them. She also teaches them how to maintain high standard of personal hygiene especially, around their pubic areas.

The virgin girls are known as “imbali” in the Zulu language and they are led to a river bud by the princess to cut a Reed (A Reed is a strong and long cane that grows around small rivers). The Reed cane is believed to be the symbol of the girls’ virginity.

The girls wear traditional attire known in the Zulu language as ‘izigege’ and ‘izinculuba’ which is some kind of short skirt that show their bottoms but their upper part including their breast is not covered. It is completely naked.

They also wear anklets, bracelets, necklaces, and colorful sashes. The sash has appendages of different color, and each color denote whether or not the girl is betrothed to a man or not.

Due to this semi nakedness of the girls, another controversy arises, various feminist activist groups have spoken vehemently against the festival as denigrating to womanhood as they claim including that it does not show decency and that some unscrupulous tourists ceased the opportunity to take pictures of the girls from close angle with high standard cameras and publish the pictures pornographic websites.

The procession begins at the riverside and with the princess leading the delegation, they march straight to the Enyokeni Royal Palace where the Zulu king is seated on his royal thrones in a very colorful and well costumed African ornaments.

It is believed superstitiously that if a virgin cane got broken before she reaches the king’s palace, then, that particular girl lied about her virginity and shall be removed from the ceremony.

After the canes are handed to the king, the girls then took to dancing to show their success in the festival. They dance in front of the king and many dignitaries; some include government officials, foreign diplomats, special invited guests and many tourists who have trooped to the Enyokeni Royal Palace in Nongoma for this exciting festival.

The king then gives his blessing to the girls, congratulating them for keeping their virginity and some token of reward are presented to the girls to encourage up and coming young girls to also keep their virginity till marriage.

Anthropologists do not know how long this tradition will last. In recent years, the festival was surrounded by controversy. The practice was denounced by many feminist organizations who found the tradition denigrating to women. Also, by lack of an efficient organization, every year incidents occur, often girls being attacked or raped. Unfortunately, 2009 edition, a virgin was killed and 11 other were injured when in the suffocating crowd of girls panic and confusion struck.

A UK Newspaper, Publication on 19 May 2013 of a certain young woman, miss Tintswalo Ngobeni, 22, who fled to England from the southern African nation as a teenager after she caught the attention of the millionaire monarch, a notoriously oppressive ruler known for his lavish lifestyle.

Tintswalo Ngobeni & King Mswati III

She is currently seeking asylum in Britain after she spurned the advances of the polyamorous King Mswati III of Swaziland and refused to join his harem of 13 wives.

As part of Swazi custom, King Mswati III, 45, is permitted to choose a new bride every year.

Miss Ngobeni, who now lives in Birmingham, was just 15 when the King made his advances after seeing her at the palace of his fourth wife, LaNgangaza. She said she was ‘terrified’ when she learned of his marriage intentions.

She added: ‘He started calling me at boarding school. He would ask me if I wanted to be a part of the royal family. I had to keep quiet about my fears but I knew I didn’t want to get married to him and have a life devoted to the king.

‘His wives are kept in their palace, surrounded by bodyguards, and they can’t really go anywhere unless the king says so. The only thing they do is go to America once a year, as the king gives them a shopping allowance.’

Miss Ngobeni was forced to abandon a comfortable lifestyle in a private boarding school as her aunt, who was her chief guardian, arranged the escape to England to join her mother, who moved to Birmingham five years earlier, fleeing an abusive husband.

The father of 27 children, King Mswati III was a guest at the William and Kate wedding as well as the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations last summer.

The king’s sixth wife escaped from the royal harem last year, citing years of ‘emotional and physical abuse’ by her husband.